Siri, stop the patriarchy

‘Siri, stop the patriarchy’ is a zine by Emily Simpson. The publication includes essays, memes,
archive images and interviews with different generations of feminists around gender equality,
our rights to protest and what feminism means to the artist as a non-binary person. It is
encouraged to be downloaded and shared.

Emily Simpson is an artist and curator. Their work looks at love, lols and loss; explored through
textiles, writing, zines, events, print-making and curation. The work often questions how
experiences (of loss, life, language) are shaped by the non-binary perspective and the political
implications of this. Emily often works between arts and education. They founded a gallery in
York whilst Artist in Residence at Bootham School, which was programmed in conversation with
students. Here, they curated several exhibitions such as ‘i miss u said the lol cats’, exploring
felines in relation to feminism, the internet and identity. Emily is currently working on a series of
collaborative projects with Chris Alton regarding grief and language. This has taken the shape of
posters, events, a recipe book (commissioned by A Modest Show) and recently a billboard
(commissioned by Bloc Projects). Emily lives in Manchester, with their partner and cat named

Insta: @emilysurnamexox_x


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